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Yoga with Cats in Georgetown

Cats are many things, but “workout partner” does not generally make that list. Until now that is. Crumbs & Whiskers, the new cat cafe in Georgetown, is offering two yoga classes featuring their cuddly friends.

Both yoga and pets have tremendous health benefits and lead to de-stressing, relaxing, and resetting. Crumbs & Whiskers, following in the footsteps of yoga groups in London and NY, is combining the two for a megaforce of zen and happiness. Enjoy you’re regular yoga class while cats, free in the room, add an extra layer of adventure and cute distraction.

What: Cat Yoga (1 hour 15 mins)
Where: Crumbs & Whiskers – 3211 O St. NW (Georgetown)
When: Sep 22 at 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $25/session

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