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Crime Museum to Unveil ‘Attacks on America’

Crime Museum announced that its newest exhibit, Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes will open to the public on March 18. The exhibit features terrorist attacks committed on American soil and will also address a topic that is often in the headlines- Hate Crimes.  This exhibit will educate the public on how these crimes are classified and what they look like today. It will also include visuals and objects from the Boston Marathon Bombing, such as a runner’s medal, bib, and personal items; a Ku Klux Klan ceremonial robe;  a noose from a lynching; and the gun used in the 2012 attack aimed at the politically conservative Family Resource Council in Washington, DC.

Other notable artifacts to be displayed include:

  • A rifle confiscated from the Virginia Jihad Network in 2003, after their failed attempt to train assassins at the Paintball War Games facility in Spotsylvania, VA
  • Unabomber letters
  • World Trade Center rubble and other 9/11 artifacts
  • The bust recreation of prisoner Vinson Harris, who was suffocated and killed by prison security guards in 1986, while serving a 20-year sentence for bank robbery. The bust was used at the trial to visually illustrate to the court how Harris had been suffocated with elastic bandages and duct tape.

The museum is located at 575 7th Street, NW (between E and F Streets) in downtown Washington, DC.

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