DC After 5 Interview: Chris Wyse of The Cult

By Greg Hudson

chris wyseDC After 5 had the privilege to interview one the most talented bass players out there right now, Chris Wyse of The Cult, currently on tour and making a stop at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, on August 20.

DC After 5: Wow, I’d say you’ve played with quite a range of musicians before becoming the Cult’s full time bass player … Scott Weiland, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osoburne, and Guns N’ Roses’s Chris Pitman. Does it take a lot to adapt to each musician’s different style plus perform with your own band?

Chris: I have the sensitivity to know what an artist wants. It is honoring what is there and also adding to the personality and vibe of it. You have to be willing to try things and yet know the style and history of an artist. I like playing different roles in bands. In my band Owl it is all about stretching out and doing different stuff like playing upright bass and being a singer and songwriter.

DC After 5: Being profiled at such a young age in Guitar Player Magazine, did you ever feel pressure that you had to grow up and be some famous musician?

Chris: I actually did. I had a band back in high school in upstate New York with Owl drummer Dan Dinsmore and we really did well, but I knew I had to move to Hollywood to go for it full on. It is pretty great that he and I got back together years later to create Owl along with guitarist Jason Mezilis. It has been a great experience being in such a musical band. I can’t really explain how all of these artist came my way it just happened because I put myself out there.

DC After 5: What can you tell us about your band’s latest release, The Right Thing?

Chris: Owl’s new album “The Right Thing” is my best work yet. It was a big undertaking also producing the record but so worth it. It took a couple of years back and forth also touring and recording with The Cult. There really isn’t any other outlet for this kind of music unless we created it. Owl is songwritng mixed with real musical journeys and sometimes upright bass. Just a really creative and fun band that has lots of fire.

DC After 5: How does touring with Owl compare to touring with the Cult? Are there any similarities and do you enjoy one more than the other?

Chris: They are both very different musically and obviously The Cult is a very well known band. That being said the attention Owl is getting is pretty amazing from features in Rolling Stone to Revolver. It kind of is apples and oranges, and both are pretty great.

The similarities are working your craft and being in good shape for the live shows. Owl hopes to open for a good band and go across the country to continue the momentum of “The Right Thing”. We had several sold out shows in the early half of the year and that was new for Owl. The Cult Electric 13 tour dates are pretty much all sold out and all the shows have been a blast.

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