Big Hunt Caters to Shark Week

1We all know how big Shark Week is in DC given the Discovery Channel headquarters is in Silver Spring. The Big Hunt (Dupont Circle) will have a dedicated TV for all shark week airings this week and are offering the following specials:

Happy Hour 4-7pm: $2.50 PBR, Budlight, Lite Ass Brew, Big Hunt Lager, Bad Ass Amber; $3 rails; $1 off all other drinks and draughts

Monday 7-11pm: ½ price pizza

Tuesday, 7-11pm: 15 cent wings

Wednesday, 7-11pm: ½ price burgers

Thursday, 7-close: $3 PBR, Bad Ass Amber, Lite Ass Brew, Big Hunt Lager

Friday, 8-10pm: $1 tacos

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