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‘Meat-Free’ Art Show Closing March 1

Copyright Dana EllynJoin in the closing party of Dana Ellyn’s art show on Friday, March 1, from 6-8 p.m., at 410 GooDBuddY, located at 410 Florida Ave, NW, Washington, DC.

In a series of paintings inspired by DC Meat-Free Week, Ellyn invites viewers to reconsider the every day, giving new meaning to ubiquitous phrases like “pig in a blanket.” Ellyn has also specially created a series of small paintings for the closing event. These pieces, which she has dubbed “small plates,” highlight a more whimsical take on meat-free fare: dreamy cupcakes piled high with frosting tempt, while tiny animals eating and drinking amuse.

In addition to feasting your eyes on Ellyn’s works, guests of the closing party will be treated to Georgetown Cupcakes’ newly debuted vegan cupcakes, wines by Vegan Vine Wines, house-made salsas by Sticky Fingers, and sample tonics by Goûter. The first 50 attendees will also receive a complimentary tote bag, designed by OlsenHaus Pure Vegan, and filled with gifts including a voucher for $20 off a first ride with Uber.

410 GooDBuddY
410 Florida Ave, NW
Friday, March 1

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