Naked Sushi at Current

NAKED_SUSHINyataimori, Also known as ‘Naked Sushi’ is Sushi art on a woman’s body, came from the ancient Japanese culture, where Tokyo is world famous for this type of dinner theater and art practice.

Naked Sushi USA was started by Liton Agency in the District back in 2004, at AKI; Café Japone. It quickly gained in popularity and was featured by local media such as: The Post, WTOP, The City Paper, Hot99.5 and many others. Since 2004 Naked Sushi USA has branched out of the DC area to other cities to include Baltimore, New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Join them this Friday the 21st, with Legendary Sushi Chef Niki Shimasaki (Dragonfly) at Current Lounge as he shows his beautiful Japanese Sushi artistry on the Adorned body of a woman.

Show Times: 11:30 pm | 12:00 am

RSVP/ Table – litonevents@gmail.com /703.930.0338

1215 Connecticut Ave, NW