DC Shuts Down Adams Morgan Bars


If you haven’t heard, 2 bars two Adams Morgan bars had their liquor licenses revoked, and no it wasn’t for serving minors. Get this…. it was because of low food sales. Bossa and Bobby Lew’s are the bars we’re talking about and more closures could be around the corner.

Both bars have a stay of 10 days in which they can file a motion for reconsideration from the board. If the appeals are not successful, the liquor licenses will simply disappear — they cannot be sold or transferred to new businesses, according to the Washington Post.


The Post article goes on to say:

The issue is that many bars and nightspots in Washington are operating under restaurant-class licenses, which require businesses to derive either 45 percent of their gross receipts or at least $2,000 per seat in food sales. (The other usual option is a tavern license, which doesn’t require food sales. Those are usually limited, though, and some neighborhoods, including Adams Morgan, have a moratorium on issuing new tavern licenses to prevent a buildup of bars.) Restaurants operating as defacto bars and nightclubs has been a problem for a long time, but the ABC board has begun to take more action in the last year.
According to Adams Morgan ANC Commissioner Bryan Weaver, four other Adams Morgan establishments are also in jeopardy of losing their licenses: Adams Mill Bar and Grill, Chloe, Ventnor Sports Cafe and Grand Central. “There are 16 places in Adams Morgan that are in non-compliance,” by not hitting the 45 percent sales mark, Weaver said today, but “These [six establishments] are making less than 25 percent. [The ABRA board has] drawn this line in the sand.”

If you ask me, this is really stupid. Drive out local businesses, create more job loss, and lose tax revenue? The District isn’t too smart here. To take away their license for not selling enough food is ridiculous when there are other bars still operating after serving minors and having violence occur inside. Wake up DC!

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