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this is not that CAFÉ


May 7-December 2009

Set in the museum’s café, this is not that CAFÉ is an art piece that pays homage to coffeehouse and café traditions. The artists responsible collaborate under the name dB foundation and are dedicated to creating temporary, ephemeral, and inhabitable art.

For the duration of the piece, their wall collages, board games, books, and artistic foods (both real and fake) will transform the physical space. A series of themed events will riff on things that people do in café settings: converse, think, debate, read newspapers, and play games.

Events include Café Night, Poet Night, Game Night, and Sound Night and take place during Phillips after 5, on the first Thursday of every month, 5-8:30 pm. Visitors can participate or just drink in the ambiance. The museum’s “real” café, run by On the Fly, will offer food and drink in the café space too.

Phillips Collection
1600 21st St. NW
Washington, DC

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