Bar Dupont Celebrates the Cherry Blossoms with Special Cocktails

Yearly, Bar Dupont celebrates the beginning of spring with a series of cocktails for both Cherry Blossom Festival visitors and DC locals to enjoy. These three cocktails that will be offered from March 20 – April 30.

  • I Shochu Chu Choose You – The traditional Japanese Chu-hai (Shochu + Highball) is a simple, but balanced combination of a clean shochu with juiced-to-order grapefruit. Here they throw in a twist, both figuratively and in garnish, with the Spanish flavors of oloroso sherry, sweet potato shochu, and green tea. $14.
  • Isla de La Juventud – The Isla de la Juventud combines tiki influenced flavors in a variation of the classic Japanese Cocktail – calling back to the Cuban “island of youth” where a population of Japanese immigrants have called home for decades. $16
  • Rickey-San – Beyond incorporating the healthful benefits of matcha tea in a refreshing house-made soda, the Rickey-san pays tribute to DC’s official cocktail with the addition of gin, yuzu and lime juices into a year-round sipper. $14.
  • Stillwater Extra Dry Combo – Combining more than just a beer and a shot whisky, here we have a Baltimore brewer producing a Japanese-style beer created with rice alongside, a no-frills Japanese whisky. $13.

Bar Dupont
1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW

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